A child growing up in Japan has not got a lot of opportunity to communicate and interact with English speaking people. Here at Andersen Kindergarten we have two full-time native english speaking teachers to teach and play with the students. The teachers encourage the children not only to understand the spoken language, but also to use what they have learned in English class as much as possible.


As the Japanese language has three different and styles of writing------Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, -----the question is: how to get the students to learn and enjoy reading and writing. The answer can be found in our classrooms, where every day children play with the interesting structures of Kanji characters----And automatically they grow to understand and love the Kanji.

 3 KARATE   

Children in black Karate uniforms start Ninja-gokko chanting the greeting word "OSSU". Ninja-gokko (Pretending to be Ninjas) combines Karate practice with physical education, teaching the children to enjoy physical activity.