Young Men in adult class

gIfm too old to start.his no longer an excuse. Someone in this picture started after 30 years old. Age doesnft matter, as long as youfre young at heart. This picture proves that.

04047 Yuriko Saga who got Miss Nippon Grand Prix 2004 began karate in SEIGOKAI.

010915-16 Special trainig camp for Seigokai black belts

His last practice in Japan. His kata, Kururunfa, came out very nice.

010918 He did kumite training with our competitors.

Their last practice in Japan. Their Seipai was exceptional.

010601 After the training, president Kamagata presented them both with memorial pictures. We wish them all the best.

010518 Both instructors did Kumite training.

Head dojo

Ins. Nagai's lesson

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